Western Australia Bid To Legalise Airsoft

Liberal Democrat MLC Aaron Stonehouse will today introduce a private members bill in a bid to make airsoft guns legal in Western Australia.

Often compared to paintball, airsoft or BB guns are used to shoot plastic or biodegradable balls towards opponents in an inside or outdoor venue. They are illegal in Australia.

Currently, players from Western Australia often travel to New Zealand to take part in games.

Mr Stonehouse says he is aware that some members of the community will have reservations about the idea.

“I understand some people are concerned about realistic looking toy guns, but you have to keep in mind that in Western Australia people can already buy replica firearms that look like the real thing and there are no ID requirements or background checks required in those cases. My bill tightly controls access to airsoft guns.”

Aaron Stonehouse described the detail of the bill with Nadia Mistopoulos and Russell Woolf.

Listen back to his conversation on ABC Radio Perth.