WA looking for support to legalise Airsoft in Australia

Today Tonight may not be the best of sources when it comes to information, in our opinion, this video does demonstrate a cool headed approach to legalisation of Airsoft in Australia.

The comparison to paintball is a great way to show that we’re already playing a sport that involves air powered guns with quite a large risk of injury. You will almost always walk away with a large bruise or skin contusion from being hit with a paint ball, however, you will walk away with nothing when being hit by a plastic pellet in Airsoft.

It begs the question… If Australia is allowing high velocity, gas powered guns to propel paint balls at ourselves, why wont they allow a safer option? We understand the realism to Airsoft from a visual standpoint, but quite frankly, there are so many things unrealistic about it.

  • The sound
  • The recoil
  • The Weight
  • Gun operation

The only thing that seems to be apparently dangerous is that Airsoft looks real. There is a very straight forward way to obtain a paint ball fire arm license, and Airsoft Sydney feel this should be a similar process to obtain an Airsoft license. Even putting those two words together seems odd to have a permit for what is effectively a toy gun.

We dont believe there is a need for a gun safe as most fire arm licenses require but we do believe proper procedure should be followed for storing Airsoft weapons safely under lock and key. They’re certainly not something you want you children having access to.

If you’re looking to get onboard with helping us legalise Airsoft in Australia, please sign our petition!