Legal Gel Blasters Australia – Watch your step

Here we go guys, another hot debate around “toy guns”.

New to the scene, Gel Blasters are making waves as the next big thing in toys and simulated battle weaponry. The ABC has reported that Queensland is currently allowing Gel Blasters to be sold as toys, due to the ammunition not being classified as a projectile. This gives a lot motion towards what we may see come through in the future, in regards to the design of propellants and toy gun ammunition.

NSW is currently seizing shipments of Gel Basters from Queensland but one importer has won a legal battle already, in which the courts not deeming Gel Blasters as firearms. This is really good news for Airsoft and Gel Blaster Enthusiasts around Australia as it gives manufacturers a stable base to build their Airsoft and Gel Blaster designs on. You could think of Gel Blasters as messy Nerf alternatives as they have the same basic operation.

Due to the fact that Airsoft is illegal (considered firearms) the sport of gel blasters is starting to gain popularity, primarily due to legality, even if it is a little more expensive to purchase the guns.

The issue is the technology is not mature and expensive as most country’s (including our neighbour New Zealand) develop Airsoft guns instead of gel guns.

Although you are allowed posses gel blasters in QLD,  importing them is another thing. Customs have their own legislation and in general, it is recommended that you DO NOT try to import anything that can be “mistaken” for any type of “weapon”, illegal or otherwise.

With that said, there are multiple businesses in Queensland currently selling these items. To name a few:

If you do decide to try and import Gel Blasters, be aware that you’re taking the law into your own hands, and Airsoft Sydney DO NOT recommend this.

Let’s hope NSW joins in the fun of legalising Gel Blasters in the future!